clock repair

Repair & Service

It’s About Time Clock Repair provides clock repairs of all types.

If your clock isn’t keeping time, has stopped working altogether, is making a grinding noise, or something isn’t quite right, don’t throw it away. From replacing the battery in a watch to servicing a wind-up clock, or performing a complete overhaul of the inner workings of all types of clocks, we have the knowledge, parts, and patience to get your watch or clock running properly again. We make specialty repairs to cuckoo clocks, mechanical anniversary clocks, English bell-strike clocks, and many others. 

We also repair watches. Mechanical movement cleaning can be included with a repair as needed and might be the solution to get the clock working again.

Grandfather clock

In-Home Service or Repair

Do you have a very large or heavy clock which would be a pain to bring into our shop? 

It’s About Time clock repair offers in-home service and repairs for all floor clocks, including grandfather and grandmother clocks, and other clocks that might be too cumbersome to bring to our shop. We will evaluate your clock and provide a free estimate of repairs, and provide minor in-home repair and servicing. 

Any repair that cannot be performed in your home would be performed in our shop. We provide clock transportation to and from our Milford location as part of our repair service. We schedule repair appointments when it’s convenient for you – call now to schedule your appointment.

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