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Mantel Clock

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It’s About Time Clock Repair has a wide variety of clocks for sale.

From small tabletop or wall clocks to large grandfather clocks, we have anything you’re looking for and offer them for reasonable prices. We have pieces created with beautiful wood stained designs, brass, metal frames, stone settings, and more. Finishes include brown, cherry, oak, and silver, and we offer antique, traditional, and modern styles. Do you have a clock you’re ready to part with or don’t have the room for anymore? Our Milford clock shop also buys clocks for resale in our store. We accept anything from grandfather and grandmother clocks to mantle clocks, cuckoo clocks, or wall clocks. Our experts will inspect your clock and offer you a fair price based on rarity, condition, age, type, size, and other factors.

Antique Clocks for Sale

From Grandfather Clocks to Pocket Watches.

We have a Large Inventory of Antique Clocks for Sale! 

It’s About Time Clock Repair in Milford works with all types of clocks, but we have a large inventory of antique clocks for sale. From grandfather clocks to pocket watches, we have a little of everything. We also carry mantle clocks, cuckoo clocks, and wall clocks. Made with deep stained wood, brass, gold, and detailed engravings, antique clocks are beautiful and timeless while telling a story about where they were made and the time period they are from. Browse the photos below to see just some of the antique clocks we have available to purchase.

Grandfather Clock

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